Timberland Cabinetry Co, Spring Hill, TN

Timberland Cabinetry Company

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets in Spring Hill, TN

If you’re renovating your home, choose cabinetry that will look stunning and last a lifetime. Timberland Cabinetry Company offers a wide range of durable cabinetry to match your personal style and needs. Contact your authorized Timberland dealer to learn more!

Spring Hill, TN Timberland Cabinetry Co

Why Timberland?

Every beautiful kitchen and bathroom needs cabinetry to match. Timberland Cabinetry builds attractive, long-lasting cabinets that improve homes, functionality, and ease of use.

Based out of Spring Hill, TN, we proudly provide our cabinetry to dealers locally as well as across many nearby states. Dealers everywhere trust us to provide top-notch cabinetry at an affordable price. We build cabinets to last, which is why every installation comes with a five-year limited warranty.

For more information about our services, please ask your authorized dealer, or contact us today!

Timberland Cabinetry Company
3515 Cleburne Rd
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